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Glasses of Leonard

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I suppose that a number of us have seen the TV series The Big Bang Theory before. Also I suppose among those who have appreciated the series, most of us would have a deep impression of all the five major characters. Besides Sheldon Cooper, who is really a whole-hearted scientist studying physics, Leonard, Sheldon’s best roommate, might also be liked by a lot of people. Tubular Gauge Glass

Unlike Sheldon, who is relatively tall and thin with his blah blah things, Leonard seems do not have too many things for us to remember. However, despite the fact that Leonard is the only guy who has a stationary girlfriend – Penny – Leonard, he himself, has some other special characteristics that are worth seeing. He is always wearing a jacket with other leisure clothes inside. He is always standing beside Sheldon and knowing almost all the habits his roommate has, no matter how wearied they are. He seems to be the most normal person among the four so-called jerks. Among all that Leonard is presenting, one of them are the most obvious that could be seen at first sight – glasses.

Yes, that is right. Leonard is wearing glasses, almost all the time, except for when he is in the bed. Like some other scientists, the pair of glasses Leonard is wearing is heavy framed with the most common color of black. Maybe thanks to the glasses, Leonard looks more like someone who is studying physics. That is because the black-framed glasses bring some kind of the so-called senses of educated colleges or professors. Together with what he is often wearing, the whole appearance of Leonard seems quite approachable as well as reliable with good education.

There is a saying that those who have high IQ are often poor in dealing with social relationships. Like Sheldon, he is always doing a wearied job in dealing with some relationships which he might regard as worthless or a scientific thing related with our brains. However, Leonard seems not the same. He could more or less change the traditional opinion of doctors after having been talking with other people. Leonard may be regard as a normal when you first meet him with the help of his glasses. But the reality we should know is that he is quite a wise person who is just hiding part of his wisdom behind the lenses. provides a great variety of discount glasses with high quality and fashionable designs. What’s more, you can try all glasses on line and all your purchases are promised to free of risk. And now many prescription glasses and sunglasses with latest designs have arrived, so just choose one for your families or friends as gifts, they are sure to be impressed. If any of you have questions, please leave your suggestions in comment section.



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