September 19, 2021 10:30 am

Comparing Fresh & Silk flowers

The journey of life is full of special moments, celebrations and jubilations. Sending fresh and silk flowers at such times make these moments more beautiful and special. Often buying fresh lilies or buying silk flowers involves great emotions, as it is for a special person. Not every  Corby florist time you need to buy flowers to celebrate a moment, but at times just by sending or giving flowers to your loved ones, can be the icing on the cake, that makes it more memorable. Sending flowers is an internationally popular way of expressing love and care. In fact every flower and every color has a special significance and connotes a special emotion. Giving flowers is an old trend that will never loose its charm.

Flowers for events

Flowers of different types and colors are used for different events. Fresh flowers produce terrific fragrance, that can fill a room. Where as, artificial flowers can be kept as mementos and preserved as memories. Orchids, fresh cut lilies, tulips and roses of pink shades, if combined together, make the most stunning bouquet of wedding flowers. Lighter shades of pink flowers, which stand for happiness and joy, are most used for as wedding flowers. Similarly there are special fresh and artificial flowers, which are arranged together as birthday flowers and anniversary flowers. Flowers do not only make beautiful gifts, but can be customized almost any way you want. In some cases artificial flowers are more preferred, as they can be stored. They also come in many varieties and colors. In fact artificial flowers, such as the ones made from silks and latex look amazingly beautiful, almost exactly like the natural ones and are also very cheap. Latex flowers have extra soft petals giving the flower a natural feel. As these flowers come with a long stem they can also be used in vases. Moreover when it comes to sending flowers you basically have two options. Fresh cut flowers, or artificial ones. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Fresh Flowers vs. Silk Flowers

Fresh flowers have their own beauty and fragrance, which, cannot be copied. The diversity that fresh flowers offer is really amazing. In fact no two red roses, or any other flowers for that matter, can ever look the same. The natural beauty can never be duplicated. Every flower is a masterpiece and a combination of such masterpieces surely makes up an enchanting arrangement or bouquet. However natural flowers are often seasonal and not all varieties are available through out the year. Further more fresh flowers don’t remain fresh for a long time and perish easily. On the other hand Silk flowers last for years. Silks come in a wide variety of quality. The better ones are hard to distinguish from the natural ones. Silk flowers of all varieties are available through- out the year and are definitely cheaper than the natural ones. These flowers just need to be dusted off and washed from time to time.

Where to buy

To buy silk flowers there are various online sellers who offer these flowers at discount rates. Higher discounts can be available if flowers are purchased in bulk. Silk flowers can also be purchased from crafts shops. Similarly there are florists who can deliver these flowers on demand. Florists today along with the fresh ones have also started keeping silk flowers. Buying fresh flowers is more recommended from local florists. In fact go personally to shop for them. When you need large quantities of fresh flowers, go to flower markets, where you can get fresh flowers at wholesale rates.

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